Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Children and supermarkets

98% of the time when I leave the supermarket I'm grateful for two things. One: we made it in and out without a meltdown and Two: I had enough money to pay for everything - especially when its close to payday and the account is running lower than I would like. And at the moment since its been a good couple of months since hubby's payday (due to switching jobs and the invoicing procedure) its running at pretty much empty :(

Shopping with two under two is always slightly daunting as guaranteed its always somebodies nap time. It just can't be helped. More often than not its J's as he's still in a capsule so he can sleep anywhere whereas his older brother can provide slightly more of a challenge. Today was in the middle of J's and just before M's. So after shopping, lunch and disposal of a poopy nappy M is finally in bed and hopefully going to sleep. J on the hand is wide awake after a feed etc and in his bouncer trying to convince me that he doesn't need sleep when the bright red rims of his eyes are telling me a different story. Gently bouncing him as I watch his eyelids slide lower... and lower... and shut. Sleep tight my baby.

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