Saturday, August 14, 2010

Still alive

I find writing to be very much a mood thing, hence the really long gaps between posts though I might look into scheduling so that I update at least once a week as this is starting to get really poor :( I have lots of great thoughts and it flits through my mind that I really must blog about them but I never get to it.

Signing off now as I'm tired after a good night out and need a nap.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Permanant marker and toddlers

These do not mix. About four days before we are due to move, Morgan fell asleep in my bed watching little einsteins this morning so I snuck out to have a shower. I left the bathroom door open so I could hear if they needed me. Morgan woke up and the first thing I knew about it the bathroom door was closed, I got out and found his beautiful artwork all over the house >.<

Here is an example of what I found. If you look closely you can see some around the corner and on the door as well.
After being sprayed with hairspray and wiped

Half scrubbed off with a whitewash sponge (like magic eraser)

Finished job (ignore the mess in the background lol)

So vivid can come off walls. We anxiously await tomorrow to see just how much damage has occurred to the paint. I'm praying like hell that its not much and that if any repainting needs to be done that it will be minimal. The grooves in the doors have been the hardest to try and remove it from, I think there will be faint purple shadows there for a while.

So what have I learned from this? To put the toddler in the portacot if I think he is asleep and I want to go have a shower (cos he can't climb out). Also to buy washable markers to label boxes with and not have vivids in reach of my rather tall two year old.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Lifes little pleasures

I love sitting down with my husband in the evenings. More often than not the tv is on and we are both on our laptops but although we are doing our own thing it is still time spent with him. The boys are all tucked up in their beds and at 7.30 (or there abouts) one of us will grind the beans and put on a pot of coffee. There is nothing like the smell of coffee made from freshly ground beans at the end of a long day.
If we are really lucky (or naughty) there is a packet of tim tams to go with it nomnom! When I was pregnant with Jack, Mark got me hooked on the tim tam slam. Bite each end off the biscuit, suck up your coffee through the middle (like a straw) and then pop the whole tim tam in your mouth before it disintegrates. Oh so devine and that first one is very messy :D This is a favourite treat of mine that sadly I indulge in probably a little too often but impressively enough it hasn't stopped me from losing weight (hate me yet?). But that I think is a post for another day.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blooming door handles!

I walked into one again today. Sadly this is a reoccurring incident, I just can't seem to keep away from them. They are at perfect forearm height so I now have a lovely muscle bruise thats forming and could feel the impact along the nerve just about right up and down the whole arm :(

This is a bit of a pain to happen this week as its making lifting and moving things somewhat more difficult. Also it happens to be the exact spot Jack rests his head whilst breastfeeding. Turn head to look at his brother being a goofball and cue pain for mummy. *sigh* so lots of arnica cream is being slathered on in the hopes that said bruise will heal nice and quick. Good thing we've hired movers for next weekend huh?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm so sorry

Yet again this incredibly slack tart hasn't updated. Given that for me writing is very much a mood thing I may seriously have to look at doing blog schedules so that there is something to actually read here (I was/am a lousy diary/journal writer too). In my defense (pathetic attempt anyways), we have been looking to move.

Now that we have found a place, signed the lease and have the keys in our hot little (big in Marks case) hands we are just waiting until the first before we actually start putting stuff in there. To do so earlier would just be bad manners. I'll post pics when we've moved because Oh My God you have to check out the three layers of decking out the back lol. Makes perfectly good sense given that it is on a hill out the back and it actually gives us some usable space and it will certainly be easy to maintain. So while hopefully a mood will strike me soon and I can start a frenzy of posts to queue up I will probably be fairly quiet over the next couple of weeks whilst we move etc.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Noahs Ark

We are over birthday season finally! Well, mostly. Its taken me this long to recover and to be honest I'm still all birthdayed out. But now that I feel like writing again (very much a mood thing over here) I thought I'd share with you the great creation.

Cake going into the oven
Because I didn't have the right size tin according to the instructions I kinda had to make it up a bit. I screwed up on one spot but improvised and it still turned out ok.
Iced! I made far too much icing. Did a whole nother cake and there was still some left over *gasp*
With animals in place. Just missing the roof that was one whole block of cadbury's dairy milk. The photo is still on my camera. I'll upload it and edit this post shortly
It was great fun, I do love to create but I hate cleaning up the mess afterwards. I got so many compliments when it was brought out and I am rather proud of my efforts lol. Speaking of messes, I have one in the kitchen calling my name. Best sort that out and dinner.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm terribly slack but

The lovely Kelly over at Reclaiming me has recently reached her 100th post and so to celebrate is doing a giveaway. This is a complete and shameless plug to say go check her out! Kelly is one very talented crafty lady. Makes me wish I had a sewing machine lol and maybe some motivation. but since I don't right now I shall continue browsing the lovely works of others :)