Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Permanant marker and toddlers

These do not mix. About four days before we are due to move, Morgan fell asleep in my bed watching little einsteins this morning so I snuck out to have a shower. I left the bathroom door open so I could hear if they needed me. Morgan woke up and the first thing I knew about it the bathroom door was closed, I got out and found his beautiful artwork all over the house >.<

Here is an example of what I found. If you look closely you can see some around the corner and on the door as well.
After being sprayed with hairspray and wiped

Half scrubbed off with a whitewash sponge (like magic eraser)

Finished job (ignore the mess in the background lol)

So vivid can come off walls. We anxiously await tomorrow to see just how much damage has occurred to the paint. I'm praying like hell that its not much and that if any repainting needs to be done that it will be minimal. The grooves in the doors have been the hardest to try and remove it from, I think there will be faint purple shadows there for a while.

So what have I learned from this? To put the toddler in the portacot if I think he is asleep and I want to go have a shower (cos he can't climb out). Also to buy washable markers to label boxes with and not have vivids in reach of my rather tall two year old.


  1. omg hun!

    You've done SO well to get as much off as you have!! Hopefully it will work out not too bad in the end.
    *hugs hugs hugs*

  2. Cripes! Well done for getting it off though, hun.