Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm so sorry

Yet again this incredibly slack tart hasn't updated. Given that for me writing is very much a mood thing I may seriously have to look at doing blog schedules so that there is something to actually read here (I was/am a lousy diary/journal writer too). In my defense (pathetic attempt anyways), we have been looking to move.

Now that we have found a place, signed the lease and have the keys in our hot little (big in Marks case) hands we are just waiting until the first before we actually start putting stuff in there. To do so earlier would just be bad manners. I'll post pics when we've moved because Oh My God you have to check out the three layers of decking out the back lol. Makes perfectly good sense given that it is on a hill out the back and it actually gives us some usable space and it will certainly be easy to maintain. So while hopefully a mood will strike me soon and I can start a frenzy of posts to queue up I will probably be fairly quiet over the next couple of weeks whilst we move etc.

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