Monday, June 28, 2010

Lifes little pleasures

I love sitting down with my husband in the evenings. More often than not the tv is on and we are both on our laptops but although we are doing our own thing it is still time spent with him. The boys are all tucked up in their beds and at 7.30 (or there abouts) one of us will grind the beans and put on a pot of coffee. There is nothing like the smell of coffee made from freshly ground beans at the end of a long day.
If we are really lucky (or naughty) there is a packet of tim tams to go with it nomnom! When I was pregnant with Jack, Mark got me hooked on the tim tam slam. Bite each end off the biscuit, suck up your coffee through the middle (like a straw) and then pop the whole tim tam in your mouth before it disintegrates. Oh so devine and that first one is very messy :D This is a favourite treat of mine that sadly I indulge in probably a little too often but impressively enough it hasn't stopped me from losing weight (hate me yet?). But that I think is a post for another day.

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