Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Noahs Ark

We are over birthday season finally! Well, mostly. Its taken me this long to recover and to be honest I'm still all birthdayed out. But now that I feel like writing again (very much a mood thing over here) I thought I'd share with you the great creation.

Cake going into the oven
Because I didn't have the right size tin according to the instructions I kinda had to make it up a bit. I screwed up on one spot but improvised and it still turned out ok.
Iced! I made far too much icing. Did a whole nother cake and there was still some left over *gasp*
With animals in place. Just missing the roof that was one whole block of cadbury's dairy milk. The photo is still on my camera. I'll upload it and edit this post shortly
It was great fun, I do love to create but I hate cleaning up the mess afterwards. I got so many compliments when it was brought out and I am rather proud of my efforts lol. Speaking of messes, I have one in the kitchen calling my name. Best sort that out and dinner.

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  1. It does look fabulous - I'm so impressed!!!