Monday, April 5, 2010

Going nowhere

my thoughts that is. I've had some great post ideas that I've thought of, however I was in bed trying to sleep and I'll be damned if I'm climbing out of my nice snuggly warm bed.

Speaking of beds, Morgan is in his big boy bed and Jack is now in the cot. I took the cot down for about a month after getting Morgan into the bed so he didn't feel shoved out to make room for his brother. Of course now that the cot is back up (in our room) he tries to climb into it every now and again. We have to remind him that he is a big boy now and has a big boy bed.
I took him out shopping to choose some sheets. He chose two sets, the set that you can see in the photo are the cotton sheets. My boy has good taste! The Pooh blanket on the top is one I bought for him while pregnant. We had no idea if he was a boy or a girl, so figured we couldn't go wrong with blue Winnie the Pooh. He has two Patrick dogs on the bed head, a Chocolate Mickey who cuddles his seahorse (lights up and plays music) and his special favourite Mickey cuddle buddy that goes everywhere with him. Yes its a single mattress on a queen sized base. Its easier for him to climb in and out of the bed on his own. Also provides a soft landing space if he rolls out of bed (which he has yet to do). The teddy on the shelves next to the bed was specially made for him while I was pregnant. One of mums workmates sisters used to make them professionally and though she had retired when F said something to her she made him. He's absolutely gorgeous and a true bear collectors item. My boy is so spoilt!
My baby Jack fast asleep in his cot. I know feet are supposed to be at the bottom but he keeps on wriggling up so I just go with it. I know there shouldn't be toys up the top either, I should probably move them to by his feet. He has Tigger -who lights up and plays music, the green bear is Sam -he got from mum's work Christmas party, Paddington came back from Englad with a friend and My first Mickey came from Disneyland especially with Jack in mind from his aunty Haley. Ra Tiger by his hand is courtesy of the lovely Mrs McZany who gave him when she left to move to Melbourne. The blanket he's holding onto was especially chrocheted (I can't spell it lol) when I was pregnant with Morgan. Beautiful baby blanket, one of those keepsakes you hold on to long after your babies have grown. The cot is actually the one my mum bought second hand and stripped and painted when she was pregnant with me. Funny isn't it how these things last and can be passed down to the next generations.

I love it when my boys are sleeping. They are always foremost in my thoughts though. Time I pulled out my old hobby - Latch hook rugs!!


  1. Latch hook rugs - tell me more!

    I love that the cot used to be yours - that is so special :)

  2. lol Renee, I'll have to do a post on it just for you :)