Monday, April 12, 2010


Time to tackle a serious topic now. It can become a crippling state of mind if you allow it. Yes I'm talking about the art of procrastination. I should know, I was voted Most Procrastinating Female of my year in 7th form.

So what is procrastination? The online Cambridge Dictionary defines it as "to keep delaying something that must be done, often because it is unpleasant or boring". I've done it for years. I hated homework and didn't see the point, I wouldn't do my assignments simply because they didn't interest me. I'd rather curl up with a fat juicy book, so much more interesting and hey, by the time I was 8 I had the vocabulary and comprehension of a 16 year old according to those wee tests they do in school.

So what do I procrastinate about these days?
  • Housework! I hate it. Stupid thing is I love being in a tidy (and clean) house. Having a cleaner helps funnily enough, I have to tidy up before she gets here. My mother has drilled in to me that cleaners clean and do not tidy and it works :D
  • Going to the dentist (I'm not going to tell you when I last went, you'll think I'm feral
  • And something else that I'm not going to confess to because I know its serious and that it needs to be done now. I'm in the process of doing it though - rest assured its not just hanging there

I'm not sure what else there is off the top of my head. My memory is playing up on me (I blame it on baby/nappy brain) but I'm sure theres plenty of other things, it just so happens those are the two major ones.

I find though that you feel so much better when you aren't trying to avoid doing something. Procrastination is a kind of coping method but not a very good one. Its actually quite stressful and has been known to make me sick in the past as I was sooo worried/scared about doing something. Funny thing is as soon as I've done whatever it is I'm trying not to do I feel a shitload better. The weight of the shoulders can be quite a relief.

The key is to tackle the big issues and get them out the way - the ones that really need to be done. For example I got my learners license when I was 18, did nothing about it kept putting it off. Then I fell pregnant and it was rather important to learn to drive and at least get my restricted - I got it a month before Morgan was born lol. I went for my full about halfway through my pregnancy with Jack - having kids forced me to actually get my driver license lol - but I did it.

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