Sunday, April 18, 2010


Morgan is coming up Two in a couple of weeks and its occurred to me I need to start thinking about enrolling him in Kindegarten. This is a new and scary experience I have absolutely NO idea where or how to start!

I mean I know theres the obvious making a list of what is local and available to me but what after that? Do I do just call them up? Might have to get in touch with a friend who knows these things so at least I know where to start. *sigh* I'll keep you updated.


  1. depends if you want to go public or private... although either way, he will need to be enrolled and will be popped on a waiting list... give your local kindy a call :)

  2. Yeah, Mark has said we need to work out whether we want to do the christian route or not. He's not religious and the kids aren't christened, though I was raised christian and went to a catholic primary school. He's not opposed to the idea but something to think about :/

  3. maybe look at the surrounding schools that you like and work from there - that is how I chose Elijah's kindy. We had a few to choose from so I looked at the ERO reports for the schools as well as the kindys and found there was a decile 9 school within walking distance. That way you know that some of the kids from that kindy will be going to a certain school - hopefully that makes some kind of sense! oh and I didn't enrol Elijah until he was almost three - because they go by age not date of enrolment