Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Latch hooking

As a little girl I was taught how to sew, knit, cross stitch and latch hook. I can also remove stains from clothes, put up a wall and fix a toilet lol so I wasn't raised a total princess. I also helped renovate my mums kitchen and bathroom and since I married a (lovable) geek, guess who puts together any 'assembly required' furniture etc.

So latch hooking. The easiest way I could think to describe it was to take photos, made a time consuming project even more time consuming lol. I have only finished one mat and that was the one mum had me work on as a child. I finally finished it whilst pregnant with Morgan. I'll put a pic up later cos I don't have any of it and its packed away right now.
This is the box of the one I'm doing at the moment. I started it while pregnant with Morgan and still have much to do. Its my mums but she has much less spare time than I do so I offered to do it for her.

This is the canvas. It has a rough guide printed on it but I tend to use the pattern as they never quite seem to match up :/ Yes its taken me two and a half years to do this much. It is more of a winter project haha and not one for while the kids are awake.
Put the hook through the canvas with the latch in the down position
Thread a piece of wool underneath and place it in a crossed position inside the latch hook
Pull the hook through
Pull the knot tight and lay it flat. Repeat until rug is finished, or until your back is killing you and you can't sit comfortably anymore lol. And that my friends is latch hooking. I'm not sure that its terribly common but like most craft you get an immense sense of satisfaction when you can see the finished product.


  1. That looks great - I really want to give it a shot now...but the thought of doing a whole "rug" is a bit daunting!! Might have a look at Spotlight when I'm there next for a kit.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. PS - that last comment was supposed to be from me. Didn't realize I was logged in to DH's account. Whoops!!!

  3. lol. I have done a cushion as well. It was an Eeyore one (Winnie the Pooh) and gave it to my niece fr her first birthday. When you buy the kits they don't have the hooks in them so you'll need to buy it separately. I think any craft store should stock them - mum gave me mine so I'm not sure.